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The Essential Packing List or the Nazarian Israel Trip by Eric Rachmani

The annual Israel trip sponsored by David and Angela Nazarian is an extremely memorable trip that includes with intriguing activities, bonding with other Jewish teens, information about the outstanding history of Judaism and the Holy Land of Israel, and visiting some of the most significant landmarks in all of Israel; all compacted into one trip. In order to thoroughly appreciate the beauty of this trip, there were things that I am so glad I packed, or wish I packed, to maximize my enjoyment of this experience.

First and foremost, a camera or electronic device that has the ability to take pictures and videos is vital. Throughout the entirety of the trip, teens witness an abundance of structures and sights that not only will they want to savor in the moment, but after the trip has completed they will want to look back on some of their experiences and show them to family members and loved ones. This trip is one which students will remember for the rest of their lives, and pictures and videos will ensure to revive those memories and look back on them at all times. I speak from experience.

The next essential item is hygiene products. Although hotels provide some degree of hygienic products, I highly recommend bringing some of your own that you use regularly at home. Teens that forget to or believe that it is unnecessary to bring items such as deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cologne/perfume, etc. will find themselves either having to use products that their roommates brought, or living for a few weeks with an unfavorable body odor, which you should definitely avoid.

Eric Rachmani lighting Hanukkah Candles in Jerusalem

Finally, teens should make sure to bring games or items that will keep them entertained throughout the breaks during the day and the often times extensive bus rides. During the breaks, teens mostly spend their time freshening up or socializing and relaxing, but with extra time it is important to bring something to keep you busy, such as a book, a board game, or simply your cellular device or computer. Along with that, I highly recommend teens to bring a portable charger, as we are usually out and exploring the beautiful state of Israel for the entirety of the day, and it is important to ensure that your cellular devices are charged in case of the need for emergency contact with peers or advisors, as well as simply using it throughout the day on the bus or in between activities.

I hope that these tips assist you in ensuring the absolute appreciation and enjoyment of this phenomenal trip as you enhance your knowledge of Judaism and the Holy Land of Israel, form unbreakable bonds with both current friends and friends that you will meet on this trip, and witness the most historic and significant landmarks in all of Israel.

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