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USY LTI - A Message from Alessandra Judaken

By the time Sunday morning had come around, I honestly didn't know where the weekend had gone. I left feeling fulfilled and happy that I had made the decision to go to LTI, but at the same time, feeling heartbroken that I would have to say goodbye to such inspiring teens, just like me.

Similarly to many summer camp campers, USY goers call our community family. However, unlike a camp, what makes teens feel at home when at regional events like LTI are the discussions we have and the spiritual environment we are in.

LTI 2018 was filled with uplifting and challenging topics, inspiring Torah incorporations, and plenty of socializing.

At Regional USY events, an optional late night conversation or activity takes place for those who don't want to miss any minute of the weekend sleeping or wasting their time on anything non-USY related. Late Nights are entirely programmed by the teens, therefore, they are guaranteed to be interesting and/or relatable to you. Personally, the discussion we had on Friday night at 11 pm was a true highlight of mine. We spoke about intermarriage and the pros and cons of such a marriage. Although I had a very strong opinion on this topic, the atmosphere quickly allowed all different ideas to be mentioned and accepted. At the end of the night, we did not agree to one conclusion, but all our minds were most definitely challenged and we were continually questioned by one another throughout the rest of the retreat. The overarching feeling that I had with this one small programming, undoubtedly remained after every activity. It’s just how USY works! We grow together, learn together, and love together as one united Jewish community.

I am proud to say that I am a part of the FarWest USY family. You can be too if you take up such an opportunity that is being offered and register for the next regional event. Guaranteed to be a weekend to never forget. Sign up and join me!

All the best,

Alessandra Judaken

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